Multi-functional pull out faucet sprayer head

The Multi-functional pull-out faucet sprayer head offers convenience, flexibility, and improved functionality for various kitchen tasks. 

It not only enhances the performance of your sink but also adds versatility to your daily routine

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Multi-functional pull-out faucet sprayer head with flow rage adjustable function

The function of a pull-out faucet sprayer head is to provide flexibility and convenience when using a kitchen or bathroom faucet. it typically consists of a regular faucet nozzle with the added feature of a retractable or extendable hose.

The multi-fuctional pull-out faucet sprayer head offers several advantages compared to traditional faucet heads:

  1. Versatility: The multi-functional sprayer head allows you to switch between different spray patterns, such as a steady stream, powerful spray, or even a gentle aerated flow. like this new lauching Water Nymph Multi-functional faucet sprayer head consist of 3 functions, Dense spray and Laminar spray can be achieved by reversing the net part.  also with a upward watering column, use for gargling or oral cleaning
  2. Extened Reach: The pull-out feature enables you to extend the sprayer head beyond the confines of the sink. This extended reach is particularly useful when you need to fill large pots or clean hard-to-reach corners of the sink.
  3. Convenient Cleaning: The sprayer head's maneuverability makes it convenient for cleaning the sink and surrounding aeras. You can direct the spray precisely where it's needed, helping to remove dirt, debris, and stains more effectively 
  4. Flexible Use: The pull-out sprayer head allows you to control the water flow with ease. You can adjust the water pressure and flow according to your specific needs, making it efficient for tasks like rinsing delicate items or quickly removing stubborn stains
  5. Space-Saving: The pull-out design helps save spave around your sink area. Instead of having a seperate sprayer attachment, the multi-funcitonal sprayer head is integrated into the faucet. This frees up countertop space and provides a cleaner, more streamlined look to your kitchen
  6. Easy Installation: This multi-functional pull-out faucet sprayer heads are designed for easy installation, often with simple DIY instructions. You can typically retrofit them onto existing faucets without the need for extensive plumbing modifications

Product Detail: 



Style No.:  P00801
Color:  Chrome
Material:  ABS
Thead size:  G1/2
Flow rate: 


Free flow rate

Water Combination: 

Dense spray + Laminar + Gargling water

Suitable for:  Kitchen faucet, Lavatory faucet

Customized package

Logo:  Lazer & Silk logo available

Product Pictures: 

Easy installation with more functions?



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