Faucet upgrading device four function personal care water sprayer with filter water functions
Brand new DIY stream shower head
Xiamen Water Nymph Sanitary Technology Co.,Ltd. focus on R&D and production of multifunctional faucet parts, including Two Functions Faucet Aerator, Dual Mode Hand Sprayer and Other innovative fittings with more functions

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Xiamen Water Nymph Sanitary Technology Co.,Ltd. focus on R&D and production of multifunctional faucet parts, including Two Functions Faucet Aerator, Dual Mode Hand Sprayer and Other innovative fittings with more functions
Dual function hand sprayer faucet fittings
Dual mode kitchen faucet with pull out hand sprayer
Innovative new accessory for bathroom faucet and kitchen faucet,  with a button on front of the sprayer Press the top button slightly to switch the water streams from Aerated water to Rain water The pressing feeling is always keep slight under water pressure 1-8 kgs Water saving by adding flow regulator in it
replacement sprayer for kitchen faucet
kitchen faucet with two functions side sprayer
Two functions faucet side sprayer for MOEN kitchen faucet, Delta kitchen faucet, Homedepot kitchen faucet and many other faucet brands, replacement sprayer for kitchen faucet Can also use on Bidet or water closet as a Shataff Dual mode water streams can be switch by twisting the aerator part Water saving   
Faucet accessory fitting manufacturer
720 degree swivel Brushed Nickel faucet replacement aerator in a faucet
Big swivel angle with 720 degree rotation, the water streams can reach every corner of the sink or basin;  Upper watering is also available, say goodbye to dusty cups, using the upper water streams to gargling, eye washing, facial cleaning, make up removing and other daily usage, convenient your life Easy installation, it can be installed even without any tool, just match the thread, then screw it by hand, very handy to DIY your bathroom. Dual mode water streams, soft bubble water and strong spray water
Dual mode faucet aerator wholesaler
Swivel big rotation dual mode aerator for kitchen faucet and bathroom faucet
Dual ball joint connect the thread part with the housing part, to enjoy 360° swivel angle, watering can reach every corner of the sink Two functions switchable, easily twist the end part of the aerator, can switch from aerated water to rain water, the switching lifetime is warranty for 25000 cycles Color can be customized as per customer's requirement, DTM to faucet color Easy installation, nearlly 95-98% kitchen faucet can be replaced without a wrench
Kitchen faucet aerator with flow rate adjustable function
Water Nymph Two Function Blade Stream kitchen faucet aerator
Blade stream + Aerated stream,  dual mode switchable 360 degree big rotation angle High-end Croc pattern finishing, other finishing also available upon cutomized requirement Big flow rate can be adjustable freely Water Saving Easy installation Specially for kitchen faucet, can matching for universal styles Best accessory to DIY your stylish and useful kitchen 
Facial SPA aerator for mixer
720° swivel faucet aerator with Mist stream and Bubble stream switchable
Mist stream multi-function aerator Enjoy acupuncture feeling SPA at home Deep facial cleasing Skin moisturizing and refreshing Facial de-oiling and makeup removing 720° rotation with multiple angle, can wash your face thoroughly 0.3mm small water particles under 300HZ high frequency pulse, clean deeply into the pores 
Impurity cleaning dual jet faucet nozzle aerator
Dual jet faucet aerator with brand new reversing anti-limescale functions
    Because of differnt water quality in different places, the faucet is more eaiser to get clogged in public area which is more frequently use and lack of maintainance.  When the aerator getting clogged, the watering effect of the faucet getting worth and will need to change a new one when it's getting too much limescale and impurity So this is why we develop this brand new reversing faucet aerator, it can adjust angle from 0-180 degree  
Dual mode china faucet aerator
New China faucet aerator for sink tap with dual streams with competitive price
Brass housing Dual mode switchable Soft form water + Strong rain spray Matching faucet without/ without ball joint With ball joint is suitable for reatail DIY market Chrome color with nice surface treatment Faucet aerator 1.8GPM Water saving  OEM logo can be customized
Dual mode faucet aerator from China supplier
Dual stream aerator to upgrade kitchen faucet
Faucet aerator with dual streams Easily switch to change from Bubble form to Spray form Water saving, reduce the amount of water that comes out of a faucet and control the stream  Male&Female thread available, A female spout is where the hole is underneath your tap or inside a covering. This requires a male aerator which are readily available. if the faucet thread is on the outside, it requires a female aerator
Kitchen faucet aerator with dual functions
New arrival Dense Spray faucet aerator to upgrade kitchen faucet
New dense spray, a brand new stream with 280 holes on the outlet end of the aerator With dense and soft water stream, good hand feeling and splash-proof Also can be water saving Matching with two different kinds of stream can choose according to different watering usage Good choise for kitchen faucet aerator  
Faucet water sprayer with 4 functions
Four functions faucet water sprayer
Slightly switching feel≤0.15N In the field of dual-function, three-function and multi-function aerator, it has a number of global patent layouts of core patented technologies, and has the core competitive advantages of smooth switching technology and stable technology. The integration of switching technology and multi-functional water spray allows the product to fully cover the user's application needs in personal care, cleaning, and bathing
Two functions faucet aerator
Faucet aerator INSERT reversing to have two functions
The reversing series offer both aerated/non-aerated options, and also offer full range of product with multi-functional configurations, various sizes and specifications, and multiple application scenarios. The product can adjust the angle by slightly reversing the outlet part; also can achieve 360°reversing forward and backward, while realizing switching function , it can quickly clean the scale and impurity.
Innovative shower head design
Brand new shower head design can DIY stream pattern
Anti-clogging. DIY streams shower head The outlet panel can be pulled out for cleaning    Residual water pre-drainage      DIY water streams More and better bathing experience
Mist stream splash-free faucet extender
Personal care water-saving filter faucet sprayer
Personal Care Water Sprayer with Filter Healthier and Safer Water  Chlorination-Removal offer healthier water Anti-Clogging and Avoid of lime-scale Pressurized water Anti-splashing Oral care with running water and Adjustable height 0.3mm water particles deep cleansing Reversible and anti-clogging Can be cleaned and replaced  
Faucet aerator factory from China
Anti-clogging DIY stream faucet aerator
Stream combination: Dense Spray +  Laminar , also can DIY other streams  Operation:  Adjust the angle of the outlet panel to change the direction and change streams  
China Male thread Chrome 1.2GPM faucet aerator manufacturer
CUPC standard Brass water saving bathroom faucet aerator
Innovative American standard Brass housing aerator,  can clean the impurity by easily fliping the outlet net part, flushing impurity from the opposite side The net part can also be pulled out for cleaning to avoid clogging and gathering limescale, durable quality and longer the lifespan of the faucet 

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Xiamen Water Nymph Sanitary Technology Co.,Ltd.
       Xiamen Water Nymph Sanitary Technology Co.,Ltd., subsidiary to Xiamen Jandao Group, is devoted to developing multi-functional faucet parts, aim to offer more and better water experience for worldwide customers   Core products including Multi-functional faucet aerators, faucet sprayer head, side sprayer,  bidet shataff, Check Valve, Flow restrictor and other value-added faucet accessories   Headquarter based in Xiamen, China, our Elite and strong R&D team members work here and focus on researching and developing innovative products to meet the market requirement      
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Xiamen Water Nymph Sanitary Technology Co.,Ltd. focus on R&D and production of multifunctional faucet parts, including Two Functional Faucet Aerator, Dual Mode Hand Sprayer and Other innovative fitting with more functions
Water Nymph wish you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
Water Nymph wish you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
This is the season to spread joy and bring warmth to the hearts of our valued customers! As the year comes to close, we wanted to take a moment to thank you for your consitnuous support. it has been a pleasure serving you, and we are excited to enter the new year together Christmas is a time for reflection, celebration, and spending precious moments with loved ones, we hope you are surrounded by laughter, love, and the matic commitment to excellence. we pledge to continue providing you with exceptional products and services in the coming year, waternymph will keep on R&D of multifuctional faucet parts ,striving to exceed your expectations. Once again, we would like to extend our warmest wishes for a Merry Christmas and A happy New Year. May the coming year bring you happiness, good health, and prosperity Thank you for being part of our journey, and we look forward to serving you in 2024
December 25, 2023
National IPR enterprises award 2023
National IPR enterprises award 2023
National IPR enterprises award 2023---One of the greatest recognition from our country We pay highly attention on innovative faucet aerator development and form a patent protection system to protect the biggest right for our customers From 1 to over 300 global patents, took about 10 years, it was a long and hard road, but we made it And many thanks for the continuous supporting from our global customers, looking forward to a brilliant future together for the following 10 years   
November 14, 2023
Will you attend the 134th Canton Fair this Fall?
Will you attend the 134th Canton Fair this Fall?
How time flies, the 134th Canto Fair is approaching, will you attend the fair? There are two significant difference compare with previous fair 1.      The holding time for the category of Sanitary ware and Construction product have postponed from Phrase 1 to Phrase 2, and the updated time is Oct.23-Oct.27, 2013 2.      There are strict restriction of the entrance qualification, highly promised the quality of fair, and focus on only exhibitor and real customers Xiamen Water Nymph will also attend the fair on Oct.23-Oct.27, and our product will have many brand new products including: Anti-splashing faucet aerator Anti-clogging faucet aerator Multi-functional faucet sprayer head And many other swivel aerator styles   If you are a faucet brand or manufacturer looking for new innovative solution for faucet design Or you want to find some brand new replaced components for retail or DIY market Warmly welcome to visit us, we will offer the best solution for you
October 17, 2023
2023 IF Design Award---P series pull out hand sprayer
2023 IF Design Award---P series pull out hand sprayer
IF Design Award recognizes as a global symbol of excellent design worldwide Congratulations that our P series pull out hand sprayer won this great award in year 2023 It can perfectly adding on kitchen faucet and basin faucet With mist stream and gargle stream, it can be a Beauty care faucet style, very nice concept and also have proved can be mass production For more information can contact with our sales team, thanks
April 14, 2023
133 Canton Fair Invitation from Xiamen Water Nymph(JANDAO GROUP)
133 Canton Fair Invitation from Xiamen Water Nymph(JANDAO GROUP)
Really happy to announce that Canton Fair re-open to worldwide customers in April 2023  Xiamen Jandao group also have a booth there , preparing with brand new water stream combination and many other new innovative concepts Waiting to share more info with you in our booth.  Booth number: 11.1 N23,  Date: 2023.4.15-19 Looking forward to meeting you soon
March 31, 2023

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