Torch Gazelle Enterprise Awarder Apr 11, 2022

Xiamen Water Nymph Sanitary Technology Co.,Ltd. was successfully awarded the title of "Torch Gazelle Enterprise" in 2021.

This award means that the technological innovation ability, comprehensive strength and future development potential of Xiamen Water Nymph have been highly recognized and affirmed by all parties.

"Gazelle" is an antelope that is good at jumping and running. The industry usually refers to fast-growing small and medium-sized enterprises as "Gazelle enterprises". They are the most representative enterprises among innovative enterprises. They have the characteristics of great development potential, high innovation and activity, and their annual growth rate can even exceed One time, ten times, a hundred times, a thousand times more.

After almost 10 years of development, Xiamen Water Nymph has grown into a leading multi-functional faucet fittings manufacturer in China, and has won many honors such as a national high-tech enterprise, and a specialized and special new enterprise.

The company focus on independent innovation research and development route, with over 100 worldwide patents

Company’s mission is devoting in researching and innovation, keep offering more and better water experience for worldwide customers


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